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And so, with the 'kids' all grown up and embarking upon exciting and fulfilling adult lives of their own, this forty something mum was left with a little bit more time on her hands.

Maybe, at some point in the future, I'll be blessed with grandchildren, and will perhaps once again find myself pushing a pram, preparing a picnic for an afternoon in the park, or even doing the school run. But until then, what exactly was I to do with this extra time? Well, I still have a husband, a dog and a cat at home to look after, as well as having one or two other interests and pastimes.  I also seem to be working longer hours than ever before, so I'm not exactly twiddling my thumbs here.  Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the fact my off-spring are no longer dependent on me, and I love that they have the confidence and sense of adventure to fly the nest and follow their dreams - after all isn't that what parenthood is all about... equipping them with the wings to fly?  However, it cannot be denied, that my now diminished parental responsibilities have left a certain void, which yes, I guess some might describe as 'empty nest syndrome'.

Having acknowledged and accepted the existence of this void, I decided what I needed was an outlet for some creativity and reflective thinking. It would need to be something I really enjoyed doing but which  didn't require too much commitment, you know something which I could pick up and put down as and when I fancied - I'm all for keeping busy, but don't like the pressure of feeling over-committed (just no pleasing some people!) So, inspired by my beauty blogging daughter, I decided to have a go at creating my very own blog.  But what would I write about?

Thankfully I lead a relatively simple and uncomplicated life these days so I'm unlikely to ever have anything overly exciting or impressive to share.  However, I've had my ups and downs over the years, and life's experiences have taught me a thing or two about what does and doesn't matter, what will and won't wait.  I've also learned that it is often the little things in life that make us feel happy and fulfilled, and that if we're not ever so careful to notice and embrace them, opportunities to experience simple pleasures will pass us by. I hope my blog will kind of evolve with time, but at least to begin with, it will be the simple pleasures and experiences of everyday life that inspire my posts. 

So what about a title? Well,  having given it some thought, I realised that one other thing I've learned along the way (with much experimentation and practice I have to say),  is to know my Merlot from my Cabernet Sauvignon! And so there it was, the idea that just like a fine wine, I’m hoping to improve with each passing year (and no, I don't mean increased fruitiness, earthiness, or even fuller bodied!). What I do mean is that over the years to come, I'm determined to get better at relishing each and every second of my new found and precious me-time, and to thoroughly embrace my current 'empty nest' situation... yes, these wonderful times ahead will become  The Vino Years!

Now, The Vino Years may well lack ground breaking news, may not be super exciting, or even be very well written, but for me, that's not the point.  I must remind myself that the very purpose of creating The Vino Years was simply to find inspiration in my own everyday life.. and to also find pleasure in writing all about it. 

Of course,  I'd be lying if I said my hope wasn't that others may also read and relate to, hey maybe even enjoy The Vino Years, and that it may prove to be a platform from which I can share my 'forty-something' thoughts, ideas and reviews with anyone who may be remotely interested.

Thanks for reading :-)  

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