About Me

  • Name: Tracy Flanagan. Not the most imaginative of forenames I know but, it was lovingly chosen and bestowed upon me by my dear parents, so I’ve stuck with it. As for the surname, no, I’m not Irish (although I wouldn't mind being... Ireland is beautiful and I absolutely love the accent), the name just came with the marriage.
  • Married: to my tea drinking, footie loving, ukulele playing hubby, Neil.
  • Mum of two: now fully fledged adults, Elissa and Mitch, and step-mum to Natalie and Hannah.  All wonderful young people who make me so proud I could burst!
  • Located:  currently in the UK (the fantastic City of Leeds, in the very beautiful county of Yorkshire) but who knows where the future may take me.... she says optimistically!
  • Work: Office Manager in a Specialist Inclusion School... perhaps not my dream career, but there are worse ways of making a living. Our pupils are some of the most inspirational young people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  They never fail to bring a smile to my face... even on a bad day!
  • Pets:  I share my home with the adorable and cuter than cute Maggie the Moggie and Alfie the Schnauzer.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes:  My latest new found hobby is Lindy-Hop dancing which Neil and I have been learning for about a year now - it's great!  But as well as dancing I also love camping and festivals, colouring (yes, colouring... it's very therapeutic), mooching around charity and junk shops, dog walking, strumming the odd tune on my guitar, eating out, drinking wine... oh yes and blogging! 
  • Likes: everything that’s bad for me.
  • Dislikes: everything that’s good for me.

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